Performance Hub

Our vendor-agnostic approach, guarantee of safety and security, scalability, and technological infrastructure provides our clients with the highest performing direct communication with the cloud. Completely configured around your personal or corporate requirements to ensure you get no less than what your enterprise needs, we give you access to major networks, cloud service providers, and the crucial market hubs to which your business needs to be connected.




Maintaining the security of your data is on the top of our list, and with our zero-stop system and direct fiber pathway, we have the infrastructure to keep all your data circulation within the country. Most connectivity services transport and transfer your data out of the country, exposing it to any number of risks; we keep everything within the country, skipping the middle-man, and ensuring that your information gets from point A to point B, and not from point A to point Z. We also provide a range of disaster recovery services in the event of unforeseen crises.



With our zero-stop system and direct fiber pathway, we not only provide security but the fastest possible pathway for your data to transfer and circulate, ensuring an increased user and backend experience. We are disrupting the industry by providing unparalleled speeds that are not contingent on any partnership with a particular company–putting you first, we choose the fastest pathway over any specific server every time. Solutions will look different for each company as every corporation has different needs, and we always pick the best ISP, service, and hybrid solution for you.



You need access to everywhere, and our ecosystem connects you to all possible entry and endpoints, applications, devices, users, and markets. Regardless of your location, Zirro provides you with access to anywhere you’d want to connect to through our technology-driven business model and our customizable options to fit your specific enterprise needs, including content and application acceleration. Zirro ensures that you get access to everywhere, anytime, everytime.

Components/ Technology Rack

Our technology racks consist of routers, firewalls, a VPN terminator, a load balancer, and WAN accelerator. The routers have the capacity to cross-connect to any number of cloud and network providers, keeping us tech-agnostic and expanding our ecosystem to ensure that you’re connected to the mathematically calculated fastest route possible. We also utilize dark fibre currently unused, keeping your (and our) costs down, ensuring that our attention can go to providing you with the safety, security, and access you need. Our tech rack has cutting-edge and industry breaking WAN architecture, which also allows for a wider capacity for WAN optimization and performance, keeping loading times and bandwidth down and web server response times up.

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