Cloud Infrastructure

From our guarantee to focus on you – and not any particular company – to ensure you get the fastest connection, to our advanced cyber security infrastructure, and limitless interconnectedness to data centres across the world and to our team of dedicated professionals who are certified in
Microsoft and Amazon cloud disciplines, the goal of our system ensures that your cloud services meet the performance requirements you need.

Better user experience

We live in a hyper-connected world, and if you aren’t plugged into the right network then you’ll miss out on invaluable opportunities to stretch into particular markets, connect with a diverse range of potential clients, and keep up on industry trends. A good first impression is everything, and the QoE (Quality of Experience) for your frontend users is crucial to keeping and maintaining their interest and patronage. Not only do we provide unmatched and unparalleled speed in connecting you to the right networks, but we ensure that speed and data sovereignty is maintained on every device, application, and endpoint. Zirro covers all of your backend concerns so you can focus entirely on your enterprise.

Secure, private, direct connectivity to the cloud

You can sleep comfortably at night knowing that your data never leaves the country and that it is fully protected and monitored by Zirro. Ever-expanding technological capabilities will inevitably lead to greater and more diverse security threats, which is why we put the integrity of our infrastructure, the safety of your data, and the agility of our team to respond to security risks above all else. We don’t believe you have to sacrifice speed for security, or connectivity for personal specificity–we believe you can have it all, and Zirro gives you everything you’ll need.

Hybrid, personalized clouds

There is no one size fits all solution in today’s fast-paced, user-focused information age. Your enterprise does not need what all other businesses need, and neither do your users. We provide you with a fully customized hybrid cloud deployment that is specifically tailored to your needs. Our range of possible configurations ensures that you get all the benefits of our service–safety, security, speed–with a solution that aims to address your needs, your desires, and your corporate identity.

Free your business.
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